What is a Virtual Credit Card? A Virtual Credit Card is a prepaid card that works like a real credit card. It could be used at Google ads, Google Play Developer, Bing Ads Billing, Chrome Developer, Apple Developer, eBay Verification, Paypal Verification, Google Play Apps, Facebook Ads, Hulu Trial Activation, Netflix Trial Activation, Amazon Prime Trial Activation over the internet where payment by credit card is accepted. this card works with any Name and Address.   How many cards can I buy? You can buy unlimited virtual credit cards depending on the availability of cards in stock.   Need any documents or utility bill for an order? No need any documents/ utility bill, You can buy a VCC from freshvcc.com using our order form. Just enter the types and quantities of VCC you want, enter a valid email address and personal information, then Checkout by clicking the payment button.   Can I use a virtual credit card to verify a PayPal account? Yes, you can verify the PayPal account with any name and address.   Can I receive/withdraw money to this VCC? No, Virtual card is not able to receive or withdraw money from anywhere.
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