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Why You Need to Buy Azure Account

Is your business flourishing day by day? Are new customers, buy azure account from us, new horizons, and new opportunities making it hard to manage? Is the thought of this increased growth giving you both bolts of happiness and tremors simultaneously? Well, it is maybe because you haven’t made Microsoft Azure your business partner yet.

Have you ever tried Microsoft Azure? Did you wonder how it works? And wanted to try it out? You’re in luck! If you buy azure account from our company, you will enjoy its full services at a much lower cost. There is no doubt that your business dynamic will change once you buy and get the hang of this revolutionary business software from us.


What Is Azure

What Is Azure?

Formally known as Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft. It offers services like virtual computing, networking analytics, storage, and much more.


Why Do You Need Azure Account?

Do you want to establish/manage your business more efficiently? Our Microsoft Azure account offers various services that help you do just that. Usually, companies host their email or web server on their hardware. Companies’ hardware will offer more control and costs a substantial sum to get started. What they don’t realize is that it’ll cost them to buy the hardware (and all the proceeding expenses) and to get it to work; hire an IT professional.

But with Cloud computing services-Azure, you can eliminate the need to create an in-house infrastructure, storing it on a central hard drive. You can also cut the cost of purchasing the hardware and employing someone to develop and maintain the network. The best part is that you no longer have to spend a large amount of time and money on getting started on this amazing software. We are here for you with made, verified Azure accounts waiting to revolutionize your business.


What Services Does Azure Have To Offer

Why Buy Our Azure Accounts? What Services Does Azure Have To Offer?

Our Azure account offers the same services one may get after spending hours gathering documents, filling in details, waiting to get the account through the Microsoft website. Spend your precious time on your business while we handle Azure for you. The following services are offered in our Azure accounts:

Mobile: These services enable developers to construct apps for cell phones.
Analytics: Analytical services provide shared storage and analytics and other features for analytics.
Computer: These sets of services enable users to station and navigate through containers, VMs, or batch jobs and support application access to remote areas.
Web: The development of web services and applications depends on these services.
Storage: This part offers a range of cloud storage options for all kinds of data, which is, later on, upgradable.
Networking: Networking involves several virtual networks, gateways, traffic management, diagnostics, etc.
Media: This service entails streaming and protection of digital rights along with several other features.
Development: App developers use these sets of services to test applications, share code, or track possible issues with their program.
Integration: The purpose of these services is server recovery, site restoration, and securing the connection with public and private clouds.
Identity: Identity services ensure access to only the users that are registered with that Azure services. It also helps secure sensitive information and encryption keys.
Security: With the help of this service, users can recognize security threats and react to them. It also helps safeguard encryption keys or any other sensitive information.
Containers: Using these services, an enterprise can not only register but also control massive containers.
Databases: This service makes the database itself one of the Services. And it’s offered for NoSQL, SQL, and many other databases.
Management and maintenance: With the help of these services, the backup and recovery facility, along with automation, scheduling, compliance, and monitoring various tools, help you manage your Azure account.
Migration: These services help evaluate caseload and its movement costs while performing the actual relocation of caseload from other data centers into your Azure cloud.


Microsoft Azure Pricing Versus Our Prices

Did the thought of getting an Azure account strike your mind before but go as fast as it came after seeing the prices Microsoft offers? It is time that you hold on to that though a lot longer because our prices will not disappoint you. You can buy azure account at incredibly low rates from us. The more, the merrier- the more accounts you buy, the lower the price drops! Our company doesn’t only offer many different types of packages but also gives the customer a chance to customize his/her package when buying in bulk!


Microsoft Azure Free Account!

Not sure if Azure is worth it? No issues. Give it a try and decide. We offer trial accounts with free 12 months at much lower prices. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. To further ease decision-making, we offer an Azure free trial account as well.


Services Included In Our Azure Trial Account

Services Included In Our Azure Trial Account

Following services are included in our 12 monthly’ trial account:

  • Windows Virtual Machines
  • Linux Virtual Machines
  • Cognitive Services
  • Computer Vision
  • Personalizer
  • Translator Text
  • Anomaly Detector
  • Form Recognizer
  • Content Moderator
  • Custom Vision
  • Face
  • Ink Recognizer
  • Language Understanding
  • Q&A Maker
  • Text Analytics

 You Can Buy Azure Account From Here.


Azure Pay As You Go!

Pay once, and never look into your wallet again! Our company offers “Azure pay as you go service.” You just have to pay once and not worry about renewing your subscription. We have got everything covered so that you can carry your smoothest journey to success. Make a decision once and enjoy its benefits forever!


Why Choose Us To Buy Azure Accounts

Why Choose Us To Buy Azure Accounts?

Adept in its business, our company stands at the top in the market with the safest accounts.

  • We not only ensure instant delivery (within 24 hours) but the safest one- providing the credentials directly to the client with no other party allowed.
  • The client is specifically reminded to change the passwords on approval of our product to guard his/her business privacy.
  • Our Azure accounts are 100% legit, verified, secure, and working.
  • We offer a 100% refund if an account does not work.
  • You can buy Azure accounts in bulk from freshvcc.
  • Our journey not only ends with the purchase. Our customer service hotline is open 24/7 to help our valuable customers even after the purchase of accounts.
  • Accounts genuineness is our main priority. Our authentic accounts are unparalleled by any other accounts in the market – with no complaints from the start of business to date.

You can find an answer to all the business challenges that become a hurdle in the path of your success. With our low-cost Azure accounts, there is a solution to everything you need: related products, services, and third-party applications. From business analytics to Artificial Intelligence, you’ll be up and running quickly with a manageable and cost-effective solution that works with your existing investments. We are here to make your partnership with Azure a reality at the lowest possible rates and the easiest possible way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Azure accounts safe to use? 

Yes, we only provide our customers with original accounts. With its built-in privacy and security, Azure is a secure platform. It offers a much more comprehensive set of compliance than any other cloud service provider.

Is Azure only available for Windows? 

As Azure supports a great source of technology, you can use whatever tools and techniques you prefer. You can virtually use your data source, operation system, and device to run any application.

Can I really save money using these Azure accounts?

Our pay-as-you-go offer will save you more money than you realize. Just like our quality, our rates are unparalleled, making us the smart choice. Feel free to compare our prices with those mentioned on the Microsoft website. We will not disappoint you.


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