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Why You Need to Buy Google Play Developer Account

Are you an Android app developer? Eager to make your awesome apps available to the public for installation? Waiting to finally grow your business as an Android app developer? If yes, you’ve come to the right place! Here, you can buy Google play developer accounts that are thoroughly verified and authentic. Since you will be using these accounts as a business tool, it is paramount that you buy them from a trusted provider.

To make your applications available on the vast platform known as the Google Play Store, you need a Google Play developer account. You also gain access to many helpful features to improve and test your applications. This article will tell you the importance of having a Google Play developer account, why it is wise to buy one instead of creating it, how to buy Google Play developer account, and why you should buy from us!


Why Is It Essential To Have A Google Play Developer Account?

Let’s start with the most critical question of why having a Google Play developer account is a must. Well, it gives you access to Google Play Console, an extremely beneficial tool for you as a developer.

  • Google Play Console allows you to publish your Android apps on the Google Play Store. However, many don’t realize that its usefulness extends beyond, giving you the ability to publish your apps.
  • You will be given access to several development tools. Furthermore, the dashboard will provide you with an overview of how your app is performing. You also have access to essential statistics about your app, such as the number of installations.

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Problems With Creating A Google Developer Account

The overview of benefits you get from a developer account already must have convinced you that you absolutely must have one. On the other hand, you must be thinking: why buy one instead of creating it? Keep on reading to know:


Cumbersome Verification Process:

To answer your question, creating a Google Play developer account can involve a lot of hassle. There are multiple verification steps involved that can give you a headache. It is especially true if you’re from outside the US.


Need for Unique IP Addresses

There are even more troubles if you want multiple Google Play developer accounts. You need to have separate Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to create all these accounts. Using the same IP address to create all your accounts can help Google find and ban all of them if they find a reason to ban even one. So, even using different phone numbers and devices will not solve this issue. You must change your location to have a different IP address. Such an effort isn’t doable if you plan to create many accounts.


Time Consuming Process

Another issue when creating multiple accounts is that it is incredibly time-consuming. As if the intensive verification process wasn’t difficult enough to go through, you’d now have to do it for every account you create.


Why You Will Buy Google Play Developer Account From Us?


Now that you know why creating a Google Play developer account on your own is a rather hectic thing to do, especially if you need several accounts, you must be convinced that the best option is to buy Google Play Developer Accounts. If you buy an account from us, all the hectic processes are taken care of for your sake.

  • Firstly, our accounts are authentic and fully verified. It means that you need not go through all of it by yourself.
  • There is no limit on the number of accounts you can order for us. You can acquire as many as you’d like or need. All accounts will be fully verified. Just think about all the time and energy you will be saving by not verifying all of them by yourself.
  • Furthermore, we use unique IP addresses to create these accounts. Therefore, you will no longer be worried about having your multiple accounts banned.
  • Most providers do not use unique IP addresses for the accounts they sell, but we realize the importance of doing so! By going this extra mile, we can ensure that our customers can buy several accounts that will last for a lifetime.
  • Additionally, buying a google play developer account is very reasonable and cheap. They will be available within 24-48 hours of your order. Once you make the purchase, the account is all yours to do with as you please.



Types Of Accounts We Offer

We offer you three different types of accounts that you can choose from based on your own needs and requirements.

  • Individual:

This account is just right for you if you are an individual user. With this package of ours, you will receive only one account. You can get your account for any country that you choose.



If you are a freelance app developer or have a small team that works with you or you are developing and publishing Android apps on the Google Play Store on a relatively small scale, this account is perfect for you. You will receive not one or two, but five different Google Play developer accounts. This way, various members of your team can make use of different accounts.



If you run a small app development company, this is the package for you! It goes even a step beyond the Developer package. We deliver ten individual accounts to you! Despite this, the package is valued at a reasonable price like all our products!



How Do We Create Your Google Play Developer Account?

When you buy Google Play developer account from us, we make sure that everything is spot on.


  • First, we make the necessary arrangements. We find a unique IP address and credit card. It is because Google charges money for developer accounts. We will also submit any card statements or legal documents that Google asks for.
  • Moreover, we take adequate security precautions. We remove browser cookies and make use of the Incognito/private browsing mode. This makes our operation extremely safe and secure.
  • We use a unique billing address and phone number for Google Wallet. Then, the payment is submitted, and Google approves the account. The approval comes typically within 48 hours.
  • Following the approval, we will ensure on our end that your account is ready. If we find it to be entirely approved and functional, only then do we deliver your account. The account will be delivered to you via email.
  • We also provide a guarantee that the first login you conduct will be successful if you follow the instructions correctly. If for any reason, the login attempt fails, we replace your account free of cost.

This guarantee is our way of ensuring that you, as our customer, get precisely what you are paying for. It helps build trust between us, and it is also a way to make sure that we have earned your complete satisfaction with our service. You buy Google play developer accounts in bulk or a single one; you are sure to buy google play developer accounts with us.



Google Play developer accounts are an essential part of making an income through Android apps. Whether you’re a freelance app developer or run a small company that produces Android applications, our service can be a great help. Leave the hassle of creating your accounts to us while you, the developer, do what you do best: developing apps!


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