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Why You Need to Buy VCC for Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is among the largest and, in fact, top-ranking businesses promoting platforms at affordable rates. With over 200 million active users, Facebook is the best platform to promote all types of businesses and individual endeavors in 2020. Lately, Virtual Credit Cards have gained popularity for Facebook ad payments online. But, before diving into that, let’s unleash how Facebook Ads are essential for your business promotion. And how virtual credit cards are helpful in Facebook advertising.

Importance of Facebook Advertisements

Importance of Facebook Advertisement

With millions of people to outreach on a single platform, Facebook turns out to be the best business booster, especially for start-ups. Surprisingly, a Facebook page only takes about 5 minutes to create, and you can kick start your online promotion campaigns. Here, Facebook paid advertising has an upper hand for a quick return on investment (ROI). With Facebook advertising, you get to choose the target audience with precise specifications such as age group, country, gender, and so on. This helps you outreach your target customer conveniently.

Ad Managers for Facebook Advertisement

There is two Ads Manager in Facebook advertising

Facebook Prepaid Ad Manager: For start-ups and small-scale businesses, this is a convenient option. You simply have to top-up your account and start advertising for as low as $1. In case your account is suspended due to specific reasons, you’ll get a money refund during the next 90 days.

Facebook Post Paid Ad Manager: As the name suggests, you have to pay after a specific period, or the limit is met. You get to advertise first and pay later, which is why people like this Ad Manager. The first threshold is $25. As long as you don’t spend that much amount on advertising, you are not liable to make payment. However, if you neither advertise nor pay the few first dollars you spent on advertising for 30 days, you’ll be charged by Facebook for that amount. On the other hand, if you move ahead and advertise for $25, the next threshold would be $50. And it continues to increase that way.

How to Advertise on Facebook With Virtual Credit Card

How to Advertise on Facebook With Virtual Credit Card?

Now, what’s the easiest, safest, and most reliable method of payment—it’s Virtual Credit Cards. And for Facebook advertising specifically, you will have to buy Facebook Ads VCC. Facebook doesn’t support virtual credit cards for post-paid ad managers. But, due to the easy payment method and low cost, people use Facebook Ads VCC for advertising using prepaid ad managers. Another way of payment is via PayPal Account. For that, PayPal VCC is also available that can allow people to make payments virtually from anywhere.

What is Facebook Ads VCC?

Basically, Facebook Ads VCC is a helpful virtual credit card that makes a payment more manageable. You can easily activate your account online and top-up credit and start using it for payment via prepaid ad manager.

Benefit of Facebook Ads VCC

What is the Benefit of Facebook Ads VCC?

Facebook Ads Virtual Credit Card lets you create your account quickly and get it activated fast. You can start your advertising campaign as early as possible. Therefore, Facebook Ads VCC helps you quickly grasp the attention of targeted Facebook traffic and start generating money. This is especially important for businesses or websites that catch up on daily trends and advertise.

The delays in physical credit card payment cannot be afforded in such cases. Because usually, when you insert the debit or credit card number for payment, it can take a few days to activate your account before the final payment and advertisement. With Facebook Ads VCC, the process is completely hassle-free and fast, which is why most people now prefer virtual credit cards for Facebook Ads. In fact, it is a verified payment method approved by Facebook. So, choose it without any reliability issues.

How to Start Facebook Advertising Using Virtual Credit Card?

To begin the process, you’ll need to follow a simple and easy step-by-step process of the Facebook Advertising system. Firstly, set up a business page you wish to promote. Secondly, make sure it is categorized as a product, brand, telecom, e-commerce, business, etc. Thirdly, Go through Facebook Ads Policy 2020 to have an overview of the limitations of Facebook Ad Promotion. This is important because if you get suspended, you cannot use the credit card again on Facebook.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and go to the page you wish to promote.

Step 2: Upload the post you wish to promote. Once uploaded, you will see a ‘Boost Post’ option below the post. Select the ‘Boost Post’ option.

Step 3: Choose the specifications for your target audience and the number of days you want the ad campaign to run. Once done, select the ‘Boost’ button.

Step 4: You will be asked to enter your payment details. Here, add the payment detail of the Virtual Credit Card. Select ‘Continue’.

Note: Make sure you have some credit on your virtual credit card. Otherwise, the transaction would be declined, and your card can get suspended.

Now, your ad would be reviewed within 2 hours and approved. It will stay up depending on your advertising requirements and budget.

How to Buy VCC for Facebook Ads

How to Buy VCC for Facebook Ads?

To buy Vcc for Facebook Ads, it’s important to find out trusted and reliable sellers. As the sellers are available online; therefore, there can be a question on the credibility of various online vendors. However, you can figure that out easily by communicating with them. Most trusted sellers offer 24 hours support service and, that too, even after the credit card is bought. Having said that, you can buy VCC for Facebook ads from us. The VCC for Facebook ads would make your prepaid payments process easy and fast.

Why Choose Us?

We at FreshVCC are at work to deliver your credit cards conveniently and fast without any delays. When you buy VCC for Facebook Ads from us, you will receive your virtual credit card via email within days, and you can immediately load credit in it. With our Facebook Ads VCC, you can reload the card anywhere and anytime. You can start using it as soon as you receive it without waiting for days to activate it, which is common with physical credit cards. You can use it regularly for running Facebook Ads smoothly without stopping. For further details, you can contact us.


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