Verified PayPal Account


In a fully verified account, you get the following:

  • Login credentials (email and password) of PayPal account
  • USA valid phone number verified by PayPal
  • Full profile details (100% verified status)
  • Verified credit card
  • Verified bank account
  • Gmail Access through the email account
  • SSN – Verified
  • Instructions for use
  • Fresh account
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Why You Need to Buy Verified PayPal Account

Have you ever wondered how to get a PayPal account if the service isn’t available in your country? Is PayPal not available in your region? Explore your options with us, buy verified PayPal account, and enjoy the benefits of PayPal wherever you are.

Why Exactly do You Need a Verified PayPal Account

Why Exactly do You Need a Verified PayPal Account?

Working as a freelancer but can’t receive any payment because you don’t have PayPal? Are you annoyed by lengthy online transactions with credit cards? Sounds like you? PayPal is your solution, and that’s why you need an account!

If you’re still confused as to why a PayPal account is relevant to you, here’s a quick rundown:

PayPal is an online money exchange service. It allows you to send and request money digitally to your virtual account.

  • You can transfer funds to your PayPal account and carry out transactions on online marketing websites like eBay. Similarly, you can receive money in your PayPal account for a sale or service you provide online.
  • PayPal is widely accepted in online marketplaces like eBay and service providers like Airbnb. You can transfer funds in your PayPal account to your bank account for withdrawal and vice versa.
  • Payments to friends and families are free with PayPal, with no additional fees incurred. All you need is the email address of your recipient. You can hence share expenses like rent and dinner bills with ease. No physical money exchange is required.

If PayPal is yet to officially launch in your country, you can still get an account. And you’d want to buy a PayPal account from a trusted provider because money matters can be a risky business.

Below is your guide on what verified PayPal accounts are and how to buy verified PayPal account.

buy verified paypal account

What Is A Verified PayPal Account?

You can verify your PayPal account by providing your bank details, including a credit card number, and an address. Unverified accounts have higher fees attached to transactions and lower withdrawal limits, along with other restrictions.

Therefore, it is much better to have a verified PayPal account, but the country restrictions might be stopping you from getting one but not anymore.

What happens if I don’t confirm my identity on PayPal?

In this case, your account remains unverified. You can receive payments but cannot withdraw your balance or transfer it to a bank account. You cannot send it to someone else or make purchases either.

Moreover, there are higher fees charged on transactions with an unverified account that you want to avoid.

Why Buy Verified PayPal Account?

PayPal accounts verified in the US are secure and reliable to use in online transactions. They come with a valid US phone, bank account, credit card, and SSN (social security number).

These credentials are verified with PayPal, after which the account status is changed from ‘unverified’ to ‘verified.’ Without these credentials, your PayPal account remains unverified.

To create and verify the PayPal account, you need a valid address and citizenship evidence of one of the PayPal-supported countries like the USA or UK. PayPal is not supported in some countries, so you need to use an account of someone who lives in a country supported by PayPal.

Receive Money On PayPal Without Linking A Bank Account

You Cannot Receive Money On PayPal Without Linking A Bank Account

Yes, you can receive money remitted to you by someone if you have an email address. However, if you need to transact this money, for example, spend it on a website, or withdraw it through an ATM, you must link a bank account with a credit/debit card. This cannot be done in countries where PayPal doesn’t operate. The only workaround is using a verified PayPal account as a front for conducting transactions.

You Cannot Transfer Funds To Your Bank Account

Note that you cannot transfer funds from PayPal to your bank account if PayPal doesn’t operate in your country. However, you can still conduct sales and purchase from the balance in your PayPal account. In case you want to receive money in your own country, you will have to use a money exchanger service online.

We provide a simple solution to this problem. If you need PayPal for eBay selling or freelancing jobs, you’ve come to the right place. We sell a fully verified PayPal account that you can use for online transactions without any extra steps or delays. Continue reading to buy verified PayPal account.

Why Buy Verified PayPal Account From Us

Why Buy Verified PayPal Account From Us?

You can use PayPal accounts in a wide variety of ways, depending on your purpose.  Since we provide new accounts, there is no prior transaction history that will clutter your account.

Moreover, there are many advantages of using PayPal for online transactions compared to a credit card.

  • Often, banks charge a fee on credit card transactions in foreign countries. If you regularly buy from say a US store, you can avoid these transaction charges by directly paying from PayPal.
  • PayPal is quick. With a credit card, you have to add your card number, security number, and billing address to every new website you visit. With a PayPal account, all your details are already saved, so you just need to enter your PayPal account details, and the transaction is processed.
  • PayPal doesn’t reveal your bank account details or credit card number to potential phishing websites or hackers online. This way, you can prevent online credit card fraud that would otherwise allow hackers to access a lot of funds in your actual bank account. Hence, PayPal is an excellent middleman service for online shopping.

The accounts we sell are guaranteed to be approved by online marketplaces because they are fully verified so that you can continue your tasks without hindrance.

What Types Of Paypal Accounts Do We Sell?

Personal Verified PayPal Account

We recommend this for individuals who buy and sell online and shop from online retailers. It is equally suitable for users looking to share or transfer funds between family members with ease.

Business Verified PayPal Account

We recommend this for business owners who have to conduct multiple transactions and operate with their business name online. The main features offered by a business account are:

  • Merchant services
  • eBay tools
  • Multi-user access

The multi-user access allows you to manage employee access to the account as well as set restrictions on this access as appropriate.

Buy Verified PayPal Business Account

Alongside personal accounts, we sell verified PayPal business accounts so that you don’t have to deal with the upgrade process. You can edit your business details yourself or tell us to customize the account we sell to you, according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Be Buying Someone Else’s Account?

The account you buy will have valid details and the identification of someone living in the US. However, you will be the only one to have access to it as you can change the login and password. Then, you can use the account for any use, including purchasing and selling on US marketplaces.

Do You Provide Post-Purchase Support And A Guarantee?

Yes, we do. We take a few hours to ready your account after purchase and deliver it to you with all the credentials and relevant information. If the account isn’t accessible at your end for any reason, we will promptly provide you with another one.

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The Bottom Line

A verified PayPal account brings the convenience of online transactions and money-sharing even closer to you. Browse our wide selection of new and aged accounts and buy verified PayPal accounts appropriate to your needs.


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