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What to Expect When You Buy VCC (Virtual Credit Cards)?

After you buy Virtual Cards from us, you will receive:

  • 16 Digits Virtual Card number.
  • Expired Date
  • 3 Digits CVV Code
  • Billing Address

We aim for your security and satisfaction and strive to offer the best service to our clients.

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Get Your Visa and Master Prepaid Virtual Card From Us:

We offer a virtual prepaid Master-card and Visa-card that let you pay virtually for online purchases anonymously.

Benefits of Buying VCC from Us:

  • Purchasing Made Secure—we guarantee to keep your personal information secure with us. Once you have our VCC (Virtual Credit Card), you can freely make online purchases without fearing online fraudsters.
  • Immediate Delivery—After placing the order, you can get your card delivered fast (not to your doorstep, but on email—as it’s non-existent but only virtual)
  • Global Access—you can buy Virtual Prepaid Card from us from anywhere around the world. Use it conveniently for online shopping wherever a Visa or Mastercard is accepted.
  • 24/7 Online Support—We offer online support to our valuable customers 24/7 even after purchase.

What is VCC (Virtual Credit Card)?

A VCC (Virtual Credit Card) works like a regular Credit Card having a unique 16-digit number used for making online transactions with up to a certain credit limit. In essence, virtual cards are ‘card-less online payments. VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) are now accepted by most of the online vendor communities around the world.

Virtual Cards are a secure alternative for physical cards and checks, which are more prone to fraudsters, and hackers leveraging multiple fraud techniques every other day. By creating dubious websites, they extract customer credit card/debit card and personal data to defraud customers. In comparison, anonymous Virtual Credit Card payments only reveal temporary VCC card details that protect small and large-scale businesses as well as individuals from dummy sites and cross-site scripting.

VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) were first introduced by American Express in the U.S. in the year 2000 and have been used since to reduce growing online frauds. VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) are available as a Master Card or Visa Credit Card. They are basically Prepaid Credit Cards accepted by millions of vendors online now.

As per the J.P. Morgan survey, around 62% of companies had to face payment fraud in 2014, mostly targeting checks and credit/debit cards. Then, emerged VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) that are far more securer than physical credit cards offering a bundle of advantages to both suppliers and buyers. The fast-growing popularity of Virtual Cards is attributed to the fact that they are an efficient method of paying bills, invoices, and much more. In fact, virtual payments are turning into the preferred payment method for B2B transactions to avoid data breaches. Here’s a detailed guide about how VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) work and what their benefits for businesses and suppliers are.

Benefits of VCC

Benefits of VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) for Global Users:

According to Juniper reports, the number of business users will grow by 90% over the next few years; generating over $1 trillion in revenue for card providers by 2022. The incredible stats reveal a lot about how advantageous VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) are for everyone out there:

Greater Security and Control:

VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) are created for one-time transactions and you can top it up with a specific amount. Moreover, virtual credit cards allow you to make payments anonymously without sharing personal information or credit/debit card information. And, most of all, Virtual Credit Cards have an expiry date which makes them perfect to be used for one-time payments. For the next payments, you can buy VCC (Virtual Credit Card) that’s generated within 2 to 3 weeks after placing your order. Because all it takes is a 16-digit unique ID for your Virtual Card sent to you via email.

Most importantly, the providers of VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) guarantee to protect buyers’ privacy and create a unique 16-digit computer-generated ID for users. This makes VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) a favorable option for large-scale businesses that have to deal with buyers and sellers from around the world and carry out thousands of transactions, increasing the vulnerability of their financial information due to physical cards. When you buy VCC (Virtual Credit Card), there is no such potential threat as you get the best level of payment security.

Decreased Exception Processing:

As VCC (Virtual Credit Cards) have a one-time use, a specific topping up limit, and short-term expiry date, the account never processes higher or lower payments than what has been pre-set. Such a level of financial control eliminates the chance of short-payment or overpayment. This gives the cardholder the added advantage of cutting down on costly, time-consuming exception processing.

Fast Card Delivery:

Unlike physical Credit Cards, you don’t have to wait for months to get your card. In fact, you will receive the card details in less than a month via email. And, most importantly, there’s no production cost; therefore, you can create multiple VCC – Virtual Credit Cards or simply create a new Virtual Card before any online purchase.

Allow You to Use Virtual Money:

Bitcoins are virtual money that is difficult to use for online transactions. However, you can buy VCC – Virtual Credit Cards using Bitcoins from us. This helps add real value to your Bitcoins lying ‘uselessly’ in your wallet.

Easy to Use:

With time, more online vendors are accepting VCC – Virtual Credit Cards for the security of online users. When making an online purchase, you add in the card number, CVV, and expiry date for payment verification. No personal information is leaked. Use these Virtual Cards wherever Master or Visa Virtual Cards are accepted. And the fact that currency difference doesn’t matter with Virtual Cards makes it even easier for users to make online purchases from anywhere around the globe.

Why Our Virtual Cards are Better than Your Plastic Cards?

Our Virtual Credits Cards are prioritized by customers because of:

  • Quick Launch Window
  • Limited Balance
  • No Cyberthreat
  • Virtual Transactions
  • Easy Online purchases
  • Fast Delivery
  • Reloadable by the Corporate
  • Zero production costs
  • Own multiple cards
  • No ATM needs.
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