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Why You Need to Buy Bing Ads Account

Google is the top-ranking search engine, unbeatable! Right? Yes; but, no. Essentially, it is true; but, Bing has emerged from the ashes against Google quite recently. Bing now has several attractive features that keep it in the competition and may give your business an edge. Instead, Bing is a valuable tool to run ads for your business in 2020.


Are Bing Ads Worth The Investment?

At times, Bing Ads are conceived as a lost stepchild of PPC. The reason lies in the fact that Bing Ads were quite hard to manage and offered little ROI, but things have changed now. With a more significant market share, more accessible Ad managing tools, Bind Ads offers a lucrative opportunity for PPC experts to pursue. Here’s why Bing Ads demand your attention and investment, offering you a complete advantage to market your business:

buy bing ads account

The Market Share of Bing Has Increased Tremendously:

When there is tough competition among different ad platforms such as Quora, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, a forgotten or new platform needs to rise above others to make a mark. Bing was completely forgotten for its ‘low traffic volume’ and complicated ad management system in the past. But, in 2017, the search market share has grown bombastically reaching out to almost half the US users with around 68M searches that are not easy to be outreached on even Google solely. Apart from the US, Bing had earned huge markets from France, the UK, Australia, and Canada in 2017. Now, if you place Google Adwords besides Bing Ads, Bing Ads would have a significant impact on your ad campaigns.


How Does Bing Stand Out?

For newbies of the digital marketing platform, Bing is the best resort to advertise without being overwhelmed by tons of competitors. Although it’s an undeniable fact that Google Adwords has a bigger audience, advertising can turn out to be a daunting task. Surprisingly, stats reveal that over 133 million unique searchers use the Bing Network, which equals half the population of the US. Also, over a billion monthly searches are done using the Bing network. Therefore, marketing on Bing is essential to target the 1/3th population that’s on Bing Network.


Bind Ad Manager Is No More Difficult:

One thing that bugged Bing Advertisers in the past was the complex and time-taking process of advertisement. Luckily, Bing has learned the hard way that improving its tools is important for the convenience of Advertisers when the market share is booming right now. Now, Bing Ads are similar to AdWords for ease of advertisers to import them to Bing via account syncing feature. Then, all you are left with is optimizing Bing Ads with Optmyzr.


Bing Is Better Off When Managed Individually from AdWords:

Although Bing Ads are easier to copy and sync with AdWords, it’s always better to market separately on both the platform. Basically, Bing Ads should be optimized based on the unique user data on Bing for better performance. Statistics have revealed that most of the clicks on Bing Ads are based on the unique searches done on the Bing Network. So, merely mirroring the Advertisement analytics of Google on Bing for promotion wouldn’t generate effective results and turn around. Bing users are mostly the old users who never left the Bing search engine in the first place. Therefore, the individuality of users needs to be kept in mind while advertising here.


Can I Buy Bing Ads Account Using Virtual Credit Card?

Definitely, if you decide to buy a Bing Ads account, it’s a great way to start advertising on Bing for your small business. In fact, you can buy a Bing Ads account from us using your virtual credit card. We assure you of creating reliable and authentic to buy Bing Ads accounts to help you promote your business.


What is Virtual Credit Card for Bing Ads?

The virtual credit card for Bing Ads is used for fast online payments for the Bing Ads account. As Bing Ads has grown to become the largest PPC advertising platform, it’s a great opportunity for website owners to gain visitors and earn online. Basically, Bing Ads Virtual Credit Card is used when opening a Bing Ads account. As an opening, a Bing Ads account is not an easy process, and keeping it active is the second biggest challenge. Therefore, people choose to use Virtual Credit Card for Bing Ads to conveniently open Bing accounts and keep it safe until next time.


How to Use Bing Ads Virtual Credit Card?

The VCC for Bing Ads is used for making payments from the Bing Ads account, particularly for opening the account. In general, the account opening process is slow. But, with the virtual credit card for Bing Ads, the payment process is a lot quicker and fast. Moreover, Bing Ads does not accept every other Visa/MasterCard for payment. Therefore, it’s super convenient to get your hands on any of the Bing Ads VCC instead of being stuck with the payment methods using physical credit cards. In fact, Virtual Credit Cards for Bing Ads is a trusted payment method approved by the platform. So, use the card without fretting!


How Can You Use Our Bing VCC?

After you receive the card number via email from us, you can start using it for buying the Bing Ads account before it expires.

Step 1: Start off by inserting the card number and other information while making the Bing Ads account.

Step 2: Then, select ‘Confirm’ or ‘Proceed’ to make the payment.

Step 3: Afterward, you can easily use the ‘Bing Ads Account’ without a problem.


Why Choose Us?

Whenever buying virtual credit cards online, the reliability factor turns out to be a top concern. We are not only selling VCC but provide 24×7 assistance to cater to customer problems. If you wish to avoid going through the verification steps for creating a Bing Ads account, leave the job to us. We will take the risk for you. Contact us now to buy a Bing Ads account from us to start advertising and earning on the Bing network.

buy bing ads account

What Do You Get If You Buy Bing Ads Account From Us?

Along with receiving complete login credentials and recovery information, you will get:

  • An activated and verified Bing account.
  • Unused account
  • An account that used a unique IP address for verification
  • Ready for you to start advertising immediately.

Contact us or email us to find out how we can make your hunt for the best VCC for Bing Ads easier!


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