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Why You Need to Buy VCC For PayPal Verification


PayPal is among the largest online payment portal in the world. After partnering with eBay, online vendors accept PayPal as a prioritized payment method. Wondering why PayPal is the most trusted payment method for online businesses around the world? Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of PayPal for online transaction and the best method of PayPal verification:


Advantages of Having PayPal for Online Payments:

  1. Secure System for Credit Cards Usage:

When you make an account on PayPal, you have to add in the credit card and bank account details that you would use for online purchases. Afterward, using PayPal keeps your credit card security private and secure from online data breaches.


  1. Flexible Payment Method:

What’s wonderful is the option of setting up multiple bank accounts, credit, and debit cards with your PayPal. Forget the embarrassment of getting your card declined due to insufficient balance because PayPal intelligently selects from your available payment source to fund online purchases.


  1. Instant Money Transfer:

Transferring money across the globe has never been easier. PayPal users can conveniently transfer money without getting into the slow and costly process of Western Union.


  1. iPhone App Convenience:

Using the PayPal iPhone application, you can easily shop online, make payments, pay bills, and transfer money. Simply download it from the Apple iTunes store and get started with online purchases.


  1. Online Auctions at eBay:

Partnered with eBay, you can place bids and make online purchases easily using PayPal. eBay bidders can trust this online shopping site due to strict buyer protection laws and a well-structured complaint system.


  1. Free of Cost:

The best part about PayPal is that it’s free to use without any hidden service charges or processing fees. You benefit from their multiple services without paying a penny.


Now that you know how advantageous it is to use PayPal for online purchases, you should give it a try. In fact, PayPal is a great option for small scale to large enterprises for online payments and transactions. As businesses are most vulnerable to data breaches by hackers, such a secure platform can help your finance manager easily handle online transactions.


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Virtual Credit Cards for PayPal Verification:

Setting up a PayPal account? For even better security of your credit card/debit card information, you can use a virtual credit card for the verification process. Now, you can use virtual credit cards for PayPal verification for an even safer online purchasing experience.


What are Virtual Credit Cards?

A Virtual Credit Card is a non-existing Prepaid Card commonly used for online shopping.  The Prepaid Cards are branded by MasterCard or Visa and, in essence, are Virtual—available in digital formal received over the email. Unlike regular Credit Card, they are temporarily generated in the virtual environment of the internet. However, they work like any other Credit Card you own in the online world.

Virtual Credit Cards are basically prepaid; therefore, you need to top up the balance before use. Plus, you can shop without having to share any financial or personal information on any platform, which reduces the risk of hacker theft. Not to worry, the virtual card contains all the necessary information as available for Credit Cards: a 16 digit card number, expiration date, and CVV Code.

However, all the information is online over email. But, that’s not a hazard for you because you can top it up with a limited balance before use. So, you wouldn’t be having a great risk. Additionally, the card has an expiry date so it can be used for a limited time.


Benefits of Virtual Credit Cards:

Virtual Credit Cards have become popular among people due to multiple advantages of using it for online transactions:

  • Instantly create the card and after use, you can easily delete the card and make another one as per need.
  • Virtually create it and virtually use it. There is no limitation. Since it’s not a physical card, you can shop from any online shop conveniently.
  • Globally accepted by most of the vendors.
  • No need of sharing the personal financial details.
  • Online free access 24/7 for your transactions from anywhere around the world.
  • It’s a prepaid card, you have to top it up before spending online.
  • A virtual card perfects to suit any currency globally.


How to Use Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification?

Do you want to verify your PayPal or totally avoid the hassle to get your account verified? You can choose to use a Virtual Credit Card for your PayPal verification. Why is it important to verify your account? You need to secure your PayPal by getting a verified account. As the VCC PayPal cards have one-time use only which is great for your financial security. Here’s a step-by-step guide to verify your PayPal using VCC:


Step 1: Buy VCC for PayPal verification from a trusted site. Or you can simply buy it from us.

Step 2: Register the card with the name and address you have provided for the PayPal account.

Step 3: Log in to your PayPal account and navigate to the wallet.

 Step 4: Link the Virtual Card to your PayPal account by adding the required VCC details.

Step 5: Select ‘Confirm Credit Card’

Step 6: PayPal will send you a verification code to your card statement. Check it from the site where you bought the card.

Step 7: Confirm the card by submitting the verification code.

Step 8: Viola! Your account is verified and ready for online purchases and transactions.


Let Us Get You a Verified PayPal Account:

Want to avoid the hassle of verifying a PayPal account? Ask us to do the job for you.

It’s not difficult to verify a PayPal account. Put your trust in us because we are helping 100s of people out there to get the verification done. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We will make your PayPal work for you.


Buy VCC for PayPal Verification:

Buy PayPal VCC for your account verification is quite a simple task.

You can easily navigate to our VCC card available here and add in the required details. Be specific about the type of VCC you need and how many of them are required. Once the details are added, make the payment from your Credit Card or using Bitcoins before checkout. An email with VCC details will be sent to your email ID within 24 hours of working days.


We have one of the best VCC for PayPal verification with unlimited benefits for you.

Want to make use of your Bitcoins for real purchases? Not a problem when we let you buy your VCC using Bitcoins.


If you buy VCC for PayPal verification from us, it will let you verify your PayPal from any country around the world. In fact, many PayPal accounts are verified by our customers using our VCC from the USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

You may also opt for our Visa Virtual Credit Cards for making payments via PayPal.

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